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  • Shall we meet during my autumn-2016 Reykjavík mini-survey?

    I will visit only Reykjavík and only for a very few days, 28th of September to October the 2nd.

    It will be my thitd visit to Iceland, but the first one specifically conceived as a (very short!) survey on the themes of my humanist/artisanist/culturalist pilgrimage.

    Apart from visiting selected places and making photos, there may be opportunity to meet people.

    So, please, if you share my vision, if you find my enquiry appealing, and want to see me those days, drop me a few words from here or from the private contact form in this website, it will be great to meet you and exchange views!!

    I am particularly interested in knowing people with a passion for two skills deeply ingrained in the Icelandic collective DNA: if you are 1) a knitter (many of you are, I know!) or 2) a calligrapher or a scribe (this one may be harder to find...!?), deffinitely I am most interested in seeing you!!

    Or if you are simply whoever, just for chatting and having a drink or coffee... 

    So, just write a comment to this post or contact me via the private contact form.

    Takk fyrir!!