surveys: Reykjavík
  • The Culture House

    The Culture House

    (All pictures taken in early September, 2017)

    In 2013 I knew of the existence of the Culture House already, and was very keen to visit it, but we spent only a couple of hours in Reykjavík.

    In 2015 I was happy to get back to the city, eager to taste it calmly for several days. The Culture House was number one in my agenda. But I found it closed! They were preparing for new exhibition!

    It is a little house, just a house, but in 2016 I spent 4 hours and 40 minutes inside!

    In 2017 I came back and spent almost another 4 hours...

    Then, later on the day, I made a stupid mistake with my Leica and I DELETED all the Leica pictures of that day!

    So I repeated visit next day, this time for 2 hours and a half.

    I must be the person in the world that has visited this wonderful cultural venue for the longest! 

  • facades in verse

    facades in verse

    This is to announce the second big update of my website, which is an invitation to take an electronic tour with me through the streets of Reykjavík (September-October 2016) and marvel at some (not all: I will try to get to the rest in my next visit to the city) of the highly... lyrical! pictorial murals left by the two editions (2015 and 2016) of the Wall Poetry project, a collaboration between Urban Nation (an international network of street artists based in Berlin, now aiming at founding there the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art) and the Iceland Airwaves music festival, plus a few other pieces of highly worthy city art murals. No more words: take the walk with me and enjoy!

  • The uninterrupted flow of culture

    The uninterrupted flow of culture

    La línea es continuidad.

    As explained in p. 45 of the catalogue of the Points of View exhibition of Reykjavík's Culture House (edited by the National Museum of Iceland), "When examining the visual cultural heritage of Iceland it seems the age does not matter; it always contains different versions of the same type of imagery". The section "again & again" of Points of View focuses on the timeless repetition of patterns like the bine, interlaces (so prominent in the nordic and northatlantic cultures as many of you can easily recall), loops, knots...:"This pattern [the bine] had such a tenacious hold in Iceland that for a period of time a variety of it was referred to as the 'Icelandic style'".

    Yes, there is the line, here in Iceland infinitely expresssed through the centuries as an uninterrupted, seemingly infinite series of loops and interlaces. The line as the cultural link that joins all the past, present and future members of a cultural group around an endlessly shared pattern of worldviews. 

    And also the line joining them, through the vehicle of the written word, under the still wider umbrella of the ampler cultural realm to which those people are also, more remotely but still strongly enough, linked.

    It seems to me that the cohesive force of the line is self-evident too in the productions of the street artists of today's Reykjavík (and perhaps occassionaly foreign contributors to the same), as you can see in my selection of the photographs I made during my stay of Autumn 2016 in Iceland's capital. Put them together, old and new, and the link of culture throug the line is inescapably and intriguingly noticeable...

    Do you see continuity?

  • Shall we meet during my autumn-2016 Reykjavík mini-survey?

    I will visit only Reykjavík and only for a very few days, 28th of September to October the 2nd.

    It will be my thitd visit to Iceland, but the first one specifically conceived as a (very short!) survey on the themes of my humanist/artisanist/culturalist pilgrimage.

    Apart from visiting selected places and making photos, there may be opportunity to meet people.

    So, please, if you share my vision, if you find my enquiry appealing, and want to see me those days, drop me a few words from here or from the private contact form in this website, it will be great to meet you and exchange views!!

    I am particularly interested in knowing people with a passion for two skills deeply ingrained in the Icelandic collective DNA: if you are 1) a knitter (many of you are, I know!) or 2) a calligrapher or a scribe (this one may be harder to find...!?), deffinitely I am most interested in seeing you!!

    Or if you are simply whoever, just for chatting and having a drink or coffee... 

    So, just write a comment to this post or contact me via the private contact form.

    Takk fyrir!!