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  • Leafy commercial city art

    Leafy commercial city art

    Today I initiate a series of posts on an aspect of street art that, although vaguely noticed in my 2016 visit, I was immeditely much more aware of in 2017 (but i also felt it was unfolding and spreading in front of my very eyes from one year to another, really becoming a growing trend): the use of this form of art for embillesing commercial establishments.

    I took these photos when my 2017 visit was about to expire, on the eigth of September, when, unexpectedly, I stumbled upon a city art work in progress, with the painters fully in action.

    Once back in Peking, less than one month later, I saw in Iceland Monitor the announcement of the venue's opening. It is a restaurant. Location: Bergstaðastræti, 4. The owners said the painting was original from the Russian artist Karian Ebiatova, and the mural version was made by Skiltamálun Reykjavikur: