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  • Icelandic cursive

    Icelandic cursive

    Of course, the reason-d’étre of cursive scripts is precisely to trace any word with a single uninterrupted line. In 2016, together with my preferred example of unilinear urban artist, which I treated in my post of January 8th, I already noted the presence of another example (shown in the heading picture of today’s post, taken on September 28, 2016), which, although not unilinear, I felt somehow akin to it.

    Again, I found the same in my 2017 visit. It showed a few signs of the inevitable passage of time (photo: September 7, 2017):

    But this one (same date, same location in the same courtyard behind the cemetery) is truly cursive and graciously executed (and I wonder if in fact the word may be just the same...):