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  • Two historical places in the Faroes

    Two historical places in the Faroes

    I love historical places! And, during my 2017 North Atlantic survey, even if my Faroese trip was more a common tourist one, still I could enjoy a couple of very interesting historical spots.

    The first one were the remains of a Viking age farm, Toftanes, placed just by the road as you pass right besides the town of Leirvik, in the eastern coast of Eysturoy island. It was exciting to see a Viking era real human settlement for the first time in my life! For the coming years, I hope to see more, wether in Greenland or..., actually, I am seriously thinking of extending my surveys to L’Anse aux Meadows, in the northern end of Newfoundland, location of the only well ascertained Norse settlement remain in North America outside Greenland, and, I believe, by far the best preserved (actually, rebuilt) and the Viking era settlement more illustratively shown to the public...

    The other place we visited was THE historical place of the Faroes as such: Kirkjubøur, in the southern shores of Streymoy island, with the remnants of the medieval St. Magnus Cathedral and the construction that is said to be the oldest European house continuously inhabitated until our times.

    It is a lovely place indeed that we could fully enjoy in calm weather...