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  • My very first Leica picture

    My very first Leica picture

    So, here it is! My very first Leica picture! Now: smooth, beautiful bokeh (this photo jargon term refers to the blurred quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photograph) is one of the famous features of the Leica images, and I take it as my aim right from the beginning, playing with the depth of field of my pictures (in a very extreme fashion in this my very first shot!). I then made a similar photo with my iPhone 7 Plus:

    Only months ago, Apple added a special bokeh feature to their Photos app in a new portrait picture mode, which I used for this shot. But you see: those blurred figures simply seem to become smoke, while, in my Leica shot, they remain solid-like (and with nuanced colors and textures) nearly all the way to their edge. I also found grosser distorsions in the iPhone rendering of this portrait bokeh effect (for instance, the edge of a foccused tree leaf, when examined in detail, gets invaded by the blurred area behind it), although you can expect improved performance with future updates. Your iPhone's rendering of such bokeh can, nevertheless, appear sort of attractive, as is the case with the general look of its images. See this picture I took back in May:

    Still quite 'smoky', though. No: flat smartphone photography, no matter how superficially good-looking, is simply unable to do pictures with the richness of this one I took yesterday with the Leica TL: